Publications & presentations

For a complete list of publications and presentations, see my résumé. These are just a few of my favorites.

Planning Your Digital Exhibition

I gave this presentation to an audience of librarians, faculty, and students at Reed College in April 2019.

Testing the “Bridge-Builder Model” for Museum-Library Collaboration

I gave this presentation at the June 2019 meeting of the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries during a panel I moderated called “On the Frontlines of Museum-Library Collaboration.”

The Business of Commemoration: A Comparative Study of Italian Catacombs

My doctoral dissertation is about social networks of gravediggers, painters, and engravers working in large suburban cemeteries in Italy in the third to sixth centuries CE. You can find a copy at this link. I won a ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award from the University of Michigan for this work—one of only 10 such awards given in 2017.